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The Kindness of Strangers is a movie starring Andrea Riseborough, Bill Nighy, and Zoe Kazan. The story of people whose lives intertwine during a dramatic winter in New York City

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Level 1 I almost cried multiple times reading this right now. All I want to do is give you a hug. I also want to thank Sam Esmail. I dont know, I even feel this comment is somewhat insensitive and not well written. I just don't know how to describe my emotions in a better way. All I hope for you is have enough courage to be a happy individual. I'm sorry for such an ignorant comment, I don't know how to say this better. level 2 Thank you so much for taking the time to read and send this encouragement and your kind words, it really does mean a lot. It's honestly things like this that add up that help me find the strength each day, so I promise to keep doing my best. And I don't feel your comment is insensitive or poorly written or ignorant in any way, so please don't feel like that. I think I get what you mean though. This episode and everything is a lot to process. It's gonna take me a minute to even realize I shared all this. I honestly felt a bit nauseous right before putting this all out there. but I think this maybe is me reaching the point of fuck it, time to flip the script and take back control, to paraphrase Elliot. level 1 Thank you for sharing your story and feelings. I finished reading every word and the tears were streaming down my face, as they did while I watched Elliot in this episode a few hours earlier. I wish I was eloquent enough to have the right words to say to you. I wish I could give you a hug. And that's enough to keep me going right now and get back up. I don't know what I'll do with my life, and maybe that's okay right now. Maybe now I have to learn who I am, who I want to be, and just let it happen. That sounds like you've given yourself the exact advice you need right now. Society might tell us that we should do this or that to a given timetable but that's rubbish in my experience. Take all the time you need. There is no right or wrong of what you should be doing with your life. Take care of yourself. I'm glad there is at least someone in your life who supports you. If you want someone to talk to please feel free to message me. hugs} level 1 Amazing, powerful, brave. Above all very brave. You are a survivor. But more than that, you are a whole person who will heal and reclaim the child in you. I am glad my comment inspired this post, because it is a post that needed to be written. 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕 level 1 Wow. Just wow. My god are you a damn strong person. You write this so. eloquently, so clearly. You have a gift for writing, truly! I hope you are doing well and wish you the best, Thank you for this. level 1 High-key relate to the solid friend who is unprepared to deal with trauma and reacts with disbelief level 1 This is maybe trivia, but I don't care: Many of us are carring some heavy emotional weight, but not everyone has strength to share his/her burden. Thank you for sharing, be strong, take care of yourself. level 1 Man, I just want to wish you good luck. I think you are very brave to share this, to have the strength to share this. I can only suggest you that if you had the strength to do this, well, you have a fucking lot of strength. I will try to be the good friend you described to anyone who needs me. level 1 I wish I could find some words of comfort but I am at a loss. You are incredibly strong and brave both for what you went through and being able to talk about it as you did. Stay strong and know everyone here is thinking of you and everyone who has suffered through something like this. level 1 Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it wasn't easy for you to write out, let alone share with the world. I wish you growth and prosperity. level 1 Just read every word you wrote here. Beautiful. Don't forget, friend- you are the storm. level 1 Thank you for this! Mucho love from Italy ♥️ level 1 Thank you for all you wrote. I especially appreciate you saying that Krista stabbing Vera was like her protecting you when others that should have didn't. People have commented that you are brave and strong, which you are. but when you don't feel that way, for we all falter, read what you wrote and find strength in yourself again. Find the love that is being sent your way by me and others to support you in your Journey. If you hadn't written we would have never known. Forgive yourself for the poor choices you made when you didn't know the operating system you had running, for we gravitate to the familiar. Inhale and embrace the new! level 1 I wish I could upvote this a thousand times. Thank you for sharing yourself this way. Sending you hugs forever. level 1 I didn't read your whole post because it reminds me too much of some personal shit, but I wanted to give you the biggest thank you to take the time to write it and voice your words. It helps remind everybody who went through such a trauma - that you are not alone. There is a way out of the pain that you'll find in time. I'll keep it to read for later, and as often as needed, because your words are so kind, and I want to remember: We can learn how to own ourselves. level 1 Dont know what to say, except that you are so so brave! This stranger on the internet is proud of you. level 1 This was so beautifully put, thank you for sharing this with us. Wishing you all the best level 1 Thank you for sharing your story and being so brave to speak your truth, particularly so soon after learning it. You are so strong and courageous, even though I'm sure sometimes you may feel like you aren't. I wish you all the best and that you find the calm and support and love that you deserve. level 1 Hello friend. I don't really know what to say right now but I still wanted to leave a comment. I am so so sorry this happened to you. Thank you so much for sharing this- I am glad that this show has helped you, and that it lead to you sharing this story. I wish you all the best. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing this. level 1 Thank you for sharing this. I need to reread it later to help me come to terms with some things and hopefully grow. I didn't think I could grow even more from this childhood trauma than I already have. But there goes this sub, always teaching me. level 1 this is really beautiful! thank you for sharing.


I want to see. The kindness of strangers watch online youtube. Classic song. The kindness of strangers watch online english. All the movie in 2 minutes. Sad. And Bruce Willis is the bad guy as final twist... The kindness of strangers watch online store. The kindness of strangers watch online episodes. 3:10:50 - Does that mean you're the apex predator? No, he's the suplex predator.

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The only interesting character in the trailer is Kylo Ren. Keirnan Jacob and Mitchell is in this I just might watch it. Heroes S02 - Ep04 The Kindness of Strangers HD Watch - Dailymotion Video. I Think this was a Good Feel Good movie... I felt good after and i will watch it again, to feel good. As an ex-psycholoyy student, it's astonishing to see that people feel obliged to rebel. For instance, this video promotes/demonstrates pure human kindness. And yet in the comment, you will find a surprisingly large amount of rude 'trolls. Just as my faith in humanity was restored, it was disintegrated by comments.

Hahaha Karim Jovian😂is the kindness man, it's true. I've a feeling that this is the first of a series of trailers in which each focuses on a birdy, ultimately culminating in the likely final trailer which will feature the team as a unit. That or it's all HQ all the same way. IT chapter 2 Joker Birds of prey (2020 tho) but 2019 really is the year of clowns. UNFAITHFULNESS #14: The Not-So-Free Battle system. Oh boy, here I go typing again. TL;DR WARNING. More quotes to get this topic started: Combat in Shenmue 3 is also essentially unchanged from previous games in the series, despite the increased resolution and frame rate. Im still taking part in third-person combat with a light and heavy kick, light and heavy punch, and combos you can pull off as you progress. The game features a 3D fighting system similar to the Virtua Fighter series; That second quote is straight from the Shenmue III wiki page. I read things like this and wonder if the people who keep referring to the previous games actually played those previous games. Shenmue III completely DUMPED anything resembling the VF system, even the control scheme. Furthermore, Shenmue & Virtua Fighter never had "light" or "heavy" attacks, so what the HELL are they talking about? Looks like gaming "journalism" still ain't for shit these days. Here's what the combat in classic Shenmue and Virtua Fighter games DID have: Running, Running Moves, Throw Moves, Multi-Throw Moves, Reversal/Sabaki Moves, and Dodging Strikes & Throws. There were even strikes that had additional animations if you hit the opponent at a certain moment (like Shenmue II's "Double Blow" or "Diagonal Wipe. Or strikes that had additional attack options if blocked ( Lunging Strike. Also, a word on the iconic Elbow Assault move: this is the most symbolic "rush" attack in Virtua Fighter history which was handed down to Ryo Hazuki to compliment his Akira Yukiness. It's always been a quick & reliable move in ANY game. except in Shenmue III, where it's slow-as-hell compared to any other Sega game it's ever been in. At the beginning of Shenmue III Elbow Assault is immediately outclassed by quicker, safer, more reliable moves like Cannon Blow, Iron Palm, Stab Armor, and even Double Blow. And holy shit, what did they do to Counter Elbow Assault in this game? There's no actual COUNTER property in it! In Shenmue II it was one of the most rewarding moves you could combo now it's just Elbow Assault's ugly cousin that has down syndrome. Nobody can say that Shenmue I or II's combat was perfect but it definitely had a degree of speed, depth, and reward to it if you took the time to learn more than just "Kick, Kick, Kick. There's no better feeling than learning how to quickly Backdash to make the enemy whiff a strike, immediately input a Forward Dash while buffering the input for Arm Break Fire, and successfully grab-punish the enemy's whiffed strike with the coolest goddam throw move in the entire franchise. Shenmue III has none of that awesome stuff that greatly resembles a refined 3D fighting game. In fact there's a large portion of battle options and move scrolls from I & II that've just vanished, many of them we learned throughout the series that made our movesets feel like part of a legacy that we took the time to build up. This is all because Shenmue III prefers doing moves by dialing-in weird button sequences, even for single-strike attacks. Doing the inputs to perform the moves "Dancing Swallow" and "Four-Sided Kick" took me back to the good 'ol PS1 days of inputting the commands for The Freeway and Cyburbia. It's just so friggin' watered-down. This next part HAS to be a technical oversight: Shenmue III has some moves that "cross over" with eachother because they share the exact same command. For example: Ground Kick, Lawnmower, and Ankle Sweep are all performed by pressing X, X. So in a battle, the first time that you input X, X you'll get Ground then the second time you input X, X you'll get then the third time it will be Ankle Sweep. Afterwards, the next time you input X, X you'll get Ground Kick again and the "move rotation" has started over. What, were, they, THINKING? The only way to make sure you always get the X, X move that you want is by setting it to your R2 button. Interior Dorsal Kick and Spiral Leg also have the same problem (both performed by pressing X, O) as well as a few other moves. This amateur-hour crap never happened in Shenmue I or II. Your input always resulted in the move that you wanted, and in Shenmue II they came up with a good idea to let you "equip" the technique that you wanted for certain inputs if multiple moves shared the same command. Overall, the battling in Shenmue III lacks everything that felt technical or rewarding from the previous games that could motivate you to use other moves. In this game, combat with an opponent starts out smooth, but things start to look and move worse as the fight intensifies. The animations become sloppy and it looks like nothing "flows" right. For example: There are many occasions where a move makes contact with the opponent, damage is even dealt to their lifebar. but the person being hit won't be phased by the move. Sometimes there's just no hitstun or even blocktun despite contact being made. I think this mostly happens if you attack someone whose getting up from a knockdown but it can occur randomly at other times as well. Sometimes you'll cleanly strike someone with a heavy, loud-sounding the person you hit will just stand there for a moment nearly frozen while you recover from the move that you just did, and now you're possibly open to an attack. It's so poorly done. There are also a few oddly animated "canceling" moments where you'll cleanly hit the opponent and for a brief moment they wince like they're about to fall down from your then they IMMEDIATELY attack out of their hitstun even while your fist is still firmly planted inside them by the move you just hit them with. It's all so weird and jerky. On top of that there are some oddball floaty knockdowns that make Virtua Fighter 3 look less ridiculous, some strange knockout animations, and there are silly ragdoll mechanics that look straight out of PS2's The Bouncer. Sure, they make you crack a smile (or shake your head) but only because they look so comically bad. Here's a 3-minute video for visual aid. Pay attention to the lifebars (and Ryo's guard bar) and you'll notice many occasions where Ryo or Gold Dragon just don't flinch while being damaged or while blocking, and moments where they oddly attack immediately after they take a hit or block a strike. There are even moments where someone is getting constantly hit but there's NO sound effect at all. As far as learning how to beat the CPU, the Shenmue III battle system isn't hard to 's just very bare bones and uncreative. The difficulty of winning fights takes a huge drop once you learn the art of chainable multi-hit moves and then you learn to can chain THOSE moves into some hard hitting multi-hit moves (ex. chaining Sudden Shear or Maelstrom Strike into Tiger's Fury or Grievous Strike. Regardless, the fights in Shenmue III start to look worse as the battle get intense and both fighters are just flailing around attacks with nobody actually being stunned by a clean hit or they're immediately canceling out of hitstun & blockstun. Some of the worst-looking slugfests come from this. Shenmue III could benefit from I & II's previous system where if you start wildly throwing out attacks up-front like an idiot then the CPU parries you, which puts you off your balance and now you have to learn how to go on defense (or throw escape) like a real man. But there's nothing technical nor fun about being on defense in Shenmue III, let alone being on offense. And the multi-man battles don't even seem like straight-up gang fights anymore. Everyone coming after Ryo is very slow-moving, the enemies often use paced attacks, and it's like they're only trying half as hard to gang up and beat the shit outta you compared to previous games. The only thing that I thought was cool about Shenmue III was the slowmo effect that occurs when you sidestep an opponent's attack, but this effect ONLY occurs if you're low on health. So if you're doing well in a fight or if you're always using Snake Power to heal (another stupid feature that's not "faithful" to the franchise) then you'll never see that slo-mo effect. I think that covers it. This is not "faithful" Shenmue combat or anything that would make a VF fan stop and say "That looks like Virtua Fighter. It's just a downgrade that doesn't resemble any fighting game. Someone made the observation that the free-walking and string-focused combat was more like Dead or Alive, just without the huge blowback moves, environmental gimmicks, and the underaged squeaky-voiced love slaves beating up grown veteran martial artists. Well, strangely that's a more accurate gameplay comparison than saying Shenmue III plays like Virtua Fighter.

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Are you serious? Cashier: I'm more serious than a heart attack! Lmao

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The Kindness of Strangers Watch. The kindness of strangers watch online full. The Kindness of Strangers Watch online casino. Not eating after midnight is a problem when you've got the munchies 😲. The Kindness of Strangers Watch online ecouter. The Kindness of Strangers watch online. The kindness of strangers watch online gratis. Hi stella. So a little info about me. Firstly I have never worked in retail and don't have that ingrained sense of customer service. Second unlike alot of people of people I've seen on this thread I do not suffer from anxiety or a fear of confrontation. Third I am a big man, VERY big 6'3" 300. So for the storry. It's a little long but bear with me. Important characters Me=Me Psychotic demon spawned harpy Karen=K Store manager=SM Police officer=PO1 I was working over night for a distribution center for a very large online market let's call them zamazon. I was coming off a holiday shift when my mom called and asked me to take her and my aunt to the store to pick up some last minute supplies for their respective holiday dinners. I agreed since 1 I was off the following night and 2 my moms cooking is divine. So we head to Walmart, they both grab carts and head off. Now this was some years ago when the push to talk phones were really popular( this is very important) So as my mom and aunt are shopping I go wander off to the electronics department because I was planning on getting a new laptop. As I'm browsing my phone give off the tale tale ptt chirp, when I check it's my mom, I chirp back and she says that she "needs some help in the baked goods aisle " I tell her I'm on my way turn on my heels and start that way. As I'm clearing the end of the aisle I'm on I here a low "hey excuse me" from the other end of the aisle, I ignore it as mom has summoned me to my sacred son duty. I get to my mom and she asks me to load up a couple 20 pound bags of sugar( she has a bad back so heavy lifting, is a common request when we go places) After fulfilling my tasks like the dutiful son that I am I decide to check on my aunt to ao if she needs any help. I find her a few aisles over st the sodas, and being the human forklift that I am I decide to load them up for her. After my familial obligations are done I turn back to head for the electronics and my future PC. As I make it to the end of the aisle a wild Karen appears. Now when I say Karen I mean capital K. A. R. E. N. from the I want to speak to you manager haircut to the midnight bright neon green running shoes that have never seen a more than a brisk power walk. As she comes just short of causing my voice to go from tenor to soprano, I take a quick step to the side, give a less than enthusiastic sorry and start past, because damnit I want my laptop, this lady grabs my arm and says in a voice that immediately pisses me off, K: Now that you're done screwing around in other departments you need to help me. Now this is before the advent of #idontworkherelady so I am absolutely confused. I'm tired, hungry, and really want to get my laptop. So being the aspiring asshole that I am I look at her, pull free of her talons and start to walk away. Oh was this the wrong thing to do. She lets out a banshee howl and starts a litany of curses that would make Quentin Tarantino say "that was rude. Now this little harpy is cursing me and calling me a lazy n. and telling me K: Look here you lazy, N. You help those to black bitches but can be bothered to help a white person. This is the problem with you people you've forgotten your place. Now by this point I am absolutely shocked that this woman has the nerve to talk to a total stranger like this, when she says the line that clarifies everything, K: you should be fired, a sorry N. like yourself shouldn't even be working in this neighborhood the least you can do is try not to be completely incompetent not that I can expect much from an uneducated stock monkey" Now I'm trying to figure out just how in the hell this Psychopath could possibly think I work here till I remember exactly what I'm wearing, tan cargo pants, a blue tshirt, and my traitorous blue vest with neon reflective accents. Now if she had been civil about this I could have simply explained that I dont work for Walmart and I was sorry for the confusion, however she wasn't so I wasn't, this crazy racist bitch had followed me from electronics and had seen me help both my mom and my aunt, then something that she'd said that hadn't registered yet came forward in my mind like a psychotic honey badger " you helped those two black bitches. Oh hell no this screeching she-beast called my mom and aunt bitches, it's about to go nuclear in this bitch. K: now I need you to stop be so damn lazy an get your sorry ass back over to electronics and do your damn job. Now her tirade has begun to draw attention and faster than she can recover I stick my finger just shy of her nose and cut her off. In my best deadpan, soulless, beast from the ninth circle tone I ask, Me: do I look like I care what you fucking need. She is stunned almost silent, almost. She tried to recover K. how dare you talk to a customer like that? You need to respect your betters. Me: I dare because I don't work here you ignorant racist fucking cunt rag. My betters? I dont know who in the fuck you think your are but if you ever touch me or talk to me like that I will make damn sure you never do it again! By this time a manger and security ( which in this neighborhood are actual police officers) make their way to us and oh boy does it go from nuclear to apocalyptic. Now as I said I'm a big guy and as you can tell from her tirade clearly "not white" and I am shopping in a predominantly white part of my city since that's where my parents live. So as you might guess at first things are not going to go well for me. Big black man yelling and intimidating a petite white woman, I was almost taken away then a there, however its Karen who save me(lol. She turns to the manager and says K: I want him fired and I will be pressing chargers, this is no way for a employee to treat a customer" The Manager looks at me and immediately realizes that something isn't right. He asked Karen exactly what happens, she then goes on a fanciful tale K: He rudely blew me off in the electronics department to come over here and waste time helping his kind and when I told him that he needed to help me blew me off again, when I grabbed his arm to stop him from ignoring me he assaulted me and hurt my hand. It was at this point I could see the expressions of the manager and both police officers shift from daggers of hate in my direction to confusion to grim understanding. Now this woman who had been following me for a least 15 minutes staring hate at me back could not have possibly missed the gigantic Zamazon logo on my back, but apparently her Karen vision was in full effect. SM: Sir can you please explain this behavior. Me: I came in to do some shopping with my mom and aunt, and had gone over to electronics because I wanted a new computer. My mom called me over to help her out and I also helped my aunt out. Then as I was heading back back to electronics she nearly hit me in my soft bits before clawing at my arm and going her rant. Now the entire time I'm putting heavy emphasis on the words mom and aunt, all the while I'm watching the gears in Karen's head turning, I swear you could see when one of those gears slipped a rod, her face goes from beet red and angrily smug, to sheet white and shocked. Although I still dont think she realized I was not an employee she is starting to realize the relationship I share with people she has insulted. She doesn't give up however. K: he... he still shouldn't be prioritizing family while he is on the clock nor should he be browsing merchandise instead of assisting customers. SM: as calmly as possible) ma'am this man is not an employee of this store and according to your own words you have assaulted him as well a harrassed him. K: then why is he in uniform and carrying a radio? Me: Are you that stupid or are you blind did you not see the giant zamazon logo on back the whole time your were following me? K: but. but. the radio? Me: you mean my phone? K: no your radio the one you got the call on from the other employee? Me: other employee. that was my mom you doofus. It's a ptt phone not a radio. PO1 (turns to me) Sir would like to press charges? Me: you bet you ass I do! Now looking Karen square in the face. Me: honestly I would have let this go but a racist, bigoted bitch like you dosen't deserve any pity after all I'm too much of a lazy N. to be bothered to let it go. Karen was promptly cuffed and led away crying like a toddler who's just found out Santa wasn't real, she was charged with assault and harrassment, I was given the option to pursue it as a hate crime due to multiple witnesses who mentioned her racist statements, but I didn't think it was worth it. I was able to finish shopping with my family and to make up for the inconvenience the store manager opened a line and rang is up himself and I'm pretty sure we got his employee discount although no one brought it up. TL;DR Karen pays big time for being entitled, racist, and too stupid to tell the difference between customers and employees. Update: Alot of people are telling me I should have pressed on with the hate crime charges, especially in times like this. I realize I need to clarify a few things. First: this is not a recent event this was roughly the summer of 2007. Second: This Karen came from old money, and by old I mean her people didn't just have people they used to own people. She wasn't Forbes list rich but was still the kind of money that doesn't go to prison( remember affluenza kid) Third: I was 19 at the and social justice for people like me just wasn't a thing yet. Finally: she was roughly around 45 to 50 and if I had added hate crime to her list of charges which included, assault, disturbing the peace, public intoxication( found out later she was drunk) and false testimony to a peace officer, her potential sentence would have extended from 5 to 10 to 20 to 35 and sorry to disappoint but no one short of a true monster should die in prison.

Okay the first trailer was NOT romantic😟. The Kindness of Strangers Watch online poker. The kindness of strangers watch online season.





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