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director - Amjad Khan; Reviews - 'Gul Makai' is a story of courage that overcame fear and oppression. 'Gul Makai' accounts the courageous journey and struggle of Nobel laureate Malala Yousufzai, from her humble upbringing in the Swat Valley to her becoming the champion for free education to all; actor - Om Puri; country - India.

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Download Gul masai mara. Download gul makai 8. When i was young i used to have anger management issues. Once my younger sister was misbehaving with me and wasn't stopping. she was shouting continuously. It was so frustrating that i slapped her just to make her quite. I still remember those 7 days of my life, when my dad got to know i slapped my sister he stopped talking to me, stopped looking at me, stopped responding to my voice, even stopped eating with me on the same table. He asked my mom to serve me food separately. I heard him saying I can't sit and eat with someone who dares to raise his hand on women. Whenever my father got angry before he always expressed his anger at me in his heavy voice but this time his silence was like a torture. After a week of such treatment i went to him sat on my knees and apologized for my mistake. This was the toughest lesson of my life and i am glad my father gave such lesson. I never raised my hand on anyone after that.

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