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Directed by Brent Gudgel, Chris Sinclair Countries USA Creators Brent Gudgel genre Documentary. Free burma rangers syria videos. Level 2 You mean the guy with the Tabuk M70? level 1 That actually isnt a soldier who went running. He is a volunteer aid worker who travels with his family to battlefields to treat wounded civilians. Amazing individual all the same level 2 no. He WAS a solider. Former ranger and head of the Burma Free Rangers now iirc. level 2 Yeah, but that kit hes wearing level 2 Not sure I agree with bringing your 14 and 11 year old children to the front lines in fucking mosul Iraq level 1 You should find the rest of this video its wild. level 2 I heard that one of the guys gets hit by a sniper only seconds after the end of this clip level 1 Wouldnt the Tabuk be the extended barrel version? This would just be an M70/the Iraqi made equivalent level 2 The entire Iraqi-made series of AK are known by the name "Tabuk. There's the Sniper rifle which you mentioned (A slightly modified Zastava M72) the regular M70 copy, and a cool 14-inch underfolder carbine with a Galil-style combo gas block. level 2 Good observation, but all the weapons in the series of Yugo-designed Iraqi AKs go by “Tabuk”. level 1 Free Burma Rangers in Mosul. They are some great guys level 2 Original Poster 2 points 2 months ago edited 2 months ago Theyre definitely doing the right thing here, but Ive also heard talk of them being an instrument of the USgov to aid in regime change in Syria, and that they have associations with the White Helmet terrorist organization level 2 Apparently some sort of humanitarian aid volunteer group.

Salute our warriors in CHRIST. I appreciate u documenting the Karen people keep it up🙏👍. Free burma rangers in karen state. Well done. They shouldve mentioned how the guy with his hat backwards got shot in his leg seconds after that video. Salute to that soldier 🇺🇸. Free burma rangers david eubank. Free burma rangers rescue. Download Free Burma Rangers Torrent. WATCH 'Free Burma Rangers' ONLINE DACLIPS. Free burma rangers fbr. Free burma rangers rescue girl. Free burma rangers book scott mcewen. Free burma rangers shirts. This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 85. I'm a bot) An ambulance on its way to rescue people wounded in a Turkish airstrike has been damaged in a bombing, in the latest of what Kurdish groups say is a pattern of attacks against medical staff in north-eastern Syria. On 17 October Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdo? an, agreed with US vice-president Mike Pence, to suspend Ankara's operation for five days in order to allow Kurdish troops to withdraw. The following week, on 22 October, Erdo? an and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin agreed on the parameters of the proposed Turkish "Safe zone" in Syria. Aram Hamidi, a Kurdish paramedic in the vehicle, said it had been hit by Turkish fire. Kurdish groups say medical personnel have been targeted throughout the Turkish operation in the area and continue to be vulnerable. Kurdish groups accuse Turkish forces and their militia allies of attacking Kurdish Red Crescent medical infrastructure, including the repeated targeting of a hospital in the city of Ras al-Ayn, and an artillery shell that landed near a medical convoy a week ago, killing a member of the Free Burma Rangers, an independent humanitarian group. Summary Source, FAQ, Feedback, Top keywords: Turkish #1 Turkey #2 SDF #3 Kurdish #4 group #5 Post found in /r/worldnews, r/AutoNewspaper, r/GUARDIANauto, r/RedditSample and /r/TheColorIsBlue. NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.

Free burma rangers armed. YouTube Free Burma Rangers. Login • Instagram. Free burma rangers twitter. Does anyone know what happened to the other little ones who were with her, when she was rescued. OnlINe Hindi HBO 2018 WAtch Online. Source 'Free Burma Rangers. 56987 points, 34 submissions: u/jacksmachiningreveng Near suicidal low level strafing by 354th Fighter Squadron P-51 pilot Lt. Joe Mellen in November 1944 (5417 points, 387 comments) Chaos on the deck of USS Yorktown (CV-10) as 5 inch guns blaze and a Yokosuka D4Y "Judy" kamikaze narrowly misses her on March 29 1945 (4033 points, 148 comments) View from inside a USMC Sherman tank as the coaxial machinegun engages Japanese infantry on Iwo Jima in 1945 (3886 points, 250 comments) Messerschmitt pilot uses a hydrogen filled barrage balloon for target practice during the Battle of Britain in 1940 (3601 points, 84 comments) 9th Air Force B-26 bursts into flames and loses an engine after being hit by anti-aircraft fire over Germany in December 1944 (3526 points, 171 comments) 75mm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18 crew hammering a Soviet tank with AP tracer shells in 1941 (3430 points, 116 comments) The nose gunner of a low-flying Heinkel He 111 strafing Soviet trains in Kharkov in 1943 (3391 points, 161 comments) Allied vehicles in a French village strafed by a Luftwaffe fighter-bomber in 1944 (3387 points, 137 comments) Grumman Avenger slams into the ground with engine ablaze during the Battle of Saipan in June 1944 (3358 points, 183 comments) Desert Air Force Curtiss Tomahawk shredded by 20mm cannon shells at point blank range (3125 points, 99 comments) 43298 points, 48 submissions: u/knowyourpast Syrian rebels use a crude trebuchet to launch burning pitch towards government positions - Damascus 2013 (8940 points, 336 comments) Iraqi cameraman captures the destruction of an uncomfortable close IS VBIED (3792 points, 131 comments) PKK fighter narrowly avoids getting shot while tossing grenade towards Turkish troops - August 2016 (3732 points, 300 comments) Tunnel bomb detonated by the Southern Front - June 2017 (3677 points, 138 comments) Iraqi gunship comes in low before popping up and engaging IS positions with rocket fire - Mosul 2018 (3667 points, 134 comments) BMP turret mounted on a Toyota truck used in Syria - 2013 (3215 points, 165 comments) Syrian T-72 takes no chances when coming around the corner - Darayya - 2013 (2770 points, 98 comments) Outgoing tracer fire invites an immediate response - Ukraine 2015 (2588 points, 178 comments) FSA technical puts rounds danger close to fleeing SAA fighters near Aleppo - 2015 (2574 points, 164 comments) SAA air-burst incendiary munition detonates above Haritan, Syria - 2016 (1823 points, 101 comments) 35317 points, 21 submissions: u/infamoustajomaru Al-Rahman anti-materiel rifle is ineffective (5578 points, 500 comments) Omar Cannon firing at a building in Ein Tarma, 2017 (4839 points, 161 comments) Perfectly aimed SPG-9 lob shot (4492 points, 281 comments) Ordnance impacting in dense urban area /Syria (3648 points, 339 comments) Truck Bomb in Maidan Shahr, Afghanistan (3527 points, 368 comments) Ammo truck struck by ATGM in Hama, Syria 2015 (2893 points, 133 comments) Huge fuel explosion from tanker truck VBIED (2720 points, 128 comments) Advancing behind an armoured bulldozer (1996 points, 183 comments) FSA technical putting shots downrange (1388 points, 72 comments) Preparing and firing grad rockets (1249 points, 104 comments) 32315 points, 26 submissions: u/ducknigga [Afghanistan] US Soldiers recover the body of Sgt. Mycal L. Prince after he fell down a rock face after he was hit by an RPG during an ambush in Saygal Valley, Laghman province. September 15th, 2011. (5532 points, 474 comments) Iraq] After an Iraqi insurgent falls in between two buildings, a Marine throws a hand grenade in the gap, then uses his rifle to kill him. Fallujah, Iraq. November 2004. 3/5th Marines. (5217 points, 436 comments) Iraq] A Turret Gunner is almost shot in the head as accurate fire hits inside and outside the turret shield. US Soldiers and Iraqi Police then push down the street in search of the shooter. Sadr City, Baghdad. 2008. 4th BCT, 10th Mountain Div. (3278 points, 176 comments) Afghanistan] Marines provide covering fire for their Corpsman during a firefight after a Marine was hit in the leg with shrapnel. Lima Co. 3/7th Marines. Southern Green Zone of Sangin. 2010. (3003 points, 140 comments) Iraq] US Marines in Ramadi use an Mk-19 grenade launcher to play arrow roulette. Kilo Co. 3/8th Marines. (2909 points, 163 comments) Iraq] US Marines take casualties as accurate machine gun and sniper fire hits their position during a firefight. Operation Vigilant Resolve. April 26th, 2004. (2564 points, 225 comments) Iraq] US Soldiers evacuate wounded personal into a field hospital after their vehicle struck an IED. Tikrit, Iraq. October 1st, 2003. (1882 points, 85 comments) Vietnam] US Marines search a village before burning down it down. Operation Badger Tooth. “Street Without Joy” area of Quảng Trị Province. December 26th, 1967. 3/1 Marines. (1810 points, 320 comments) Afghanistan] British soldiers evacuate the body of Pvt Chris Gray after they were ambushed from 15 meters away. A Co, 1st Royal Anglian Battlegroup. Now Zad, Helmand Province. April 13th, 2007. (1488 points, 237 comments) Afghanistan] An ANA Solider is killed after he steps on an IED as US Marines maneuver through a firefight. Echo Co. 2/8th Marines. Helmand Province. 2009. (1288 points, 70 comments) 26015 points, 56 submissions: u/Combatmedic2-47 Marines find an insurgent hiding inside of a large building in Fallujah. They break the window and give him a grenade as a gift. Afterwards they make entry into the building and finish clearing it. (4286 points, 334 comments) Taliban IED Team Prematurely Detonates Device On Themselves. (3356 points, 324 comments) An Iraqi PMU soldier is shot by an ISIS sniper while trying to save a child from ISIS sniper fire in Fallujah. The rest of his unit then mounts a daring rescue mission. Utilizing some nearby armor, they cross into the danger area and retrieve both the wounded soldier and child. (3150 points, 68 comments) Continuous machine gun fire defense of COP Keating, Nuristan. (2882 points, 265 comments) Taliban fighters attempt to record a night attack against an American position but the Camera IR light gives away position. (2862 points, 238 comments) Marine tosses a grenade during house clearing (1725 points, 124 comments) Taliban insurgents gunned down by Army soldiers at close range in Afghanistan. (NSFW) 1424 points, 189 comments) Marines from Golf Company, 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines, are pinned down by heavy enemy fire after their corpsman gets shot in the lower back. Moments after being shot, he pulls out his camera to record the action. (1264 points, 130 comments) On April of 2003 the 11th Marines were on the ground conducting fire support for infantry operations outside of Baghdad. (1216 points, 97 comments) US soldiers take contact in Kandagal Bazaar while trying to repair an IED hole. (336 points, 44 comments) 21899 points, 14 submissions: u/derzto U. S. Apache pilot helps assault force accurately throw frags at hiding Taliban (6460 points, 318 comments) U. Army Special Operations soldiers (likely Rangers) lobbing 120 mm mortar rounds on the Taliban (recent footage) 5729 points, 434 comments) U. Army Green Beret throws a frag grenade down a hillside likely somewhere in eastern Afghanistan (5331 points, 343 comments) U. soldiers respond to a casualty in Afghanistan (3260 points, 225 comments) Australian Special Forces and U. DEA FAST agents in Afghanistan, come under fire from insurgents as they exfiltrate using an Mi-17 helicopter (240 points, 43 comments) U. Army humvee turret gunner takes fire in Iraq (225 points, 30 comments) U. Army howitzers conduct counter-battery fire after an indirect attack on their firebase (Afghanistan) 192 points, 13 comments) US B-1 Lancer bomber obliterates ISIS positions south of Kirkuk, Iraq (2016) 169 points, 8 comments) US Marines of an Embedded Training Team and Afghan partner soldiers respond to enemy fire in the Korengal Valley (84 points, 12 comments) Montage showing U. Marines of Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment in Helmand Province, Afghanistan (55 points, 12 comments) 18040 points, 27 submissions: u/zach84 Marines fighting in the Pacific. Unknown location or date. (5455 points, 139 comments) Rare action photograph shows an American soldier being wounded by a mortar shell, while on patrol in an Italian village, 24 April 1944 (4741 points, 75 comments) M4A3R3 Sherman, Iwo Jima [X-post /r/WWIIpiics] 3127 points, 51 comments) Dug too deep to be harmful, an IED gives an Abrams a fun ride. Iraq War (854 points, 84 comments) Marines covered by a M4A2 Sherman tank move cautiously forward during an assault on a Japanese bunker. Battle of Peleliu, 15 September – 27 November 1944. (525 points, 14 comments) US 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division advancing into the port city of Brest in Brittany. September 9, 1944. (523 points, 16 comments) German infantry try to make themselves as small as possible as they ride into battle on top of a Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. C/D. In the distance, targets are already being engaged. Likely to be in the Soviet Union during 1941-42 based off of equipment and tank model. (454 points, 33 comments) A paratrooper takes cover as a jeep burns during a German mortar attack on the 1st Airborne Divisions HQ at the Hartenstein Hotel in Oosterbeek, September 24th, 1944. [X-post /r/wwiipics] 304 points, 11 comments) 2nd Division 'Das Reich' advancing in Russia 1941. (289 points, 90 comments) German paratroops landing on Crete. Burning Junkers 52 transport falls to the ground, 20 May 1941. (283 points, 41 comments) 16181 points, 6 submissions: u/twiyg01 F-16 show of force on suspected insurgents in Afghanistan (8146 points, 701 comments) A T-55 tank from the FSA's 1st Coastal Division targets a distant building in Syria (3692 points, 182 comments) Two Taliban fighters are shot in Kandahar, Afghanistan (2012) 2975 points, 437 comments) HMS Barham explodes in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 868 men and officers (November 25, 1941) 1137 points, 68 comments) Two Turkish-backed jihadists are caught in the open and killed by a Kurdish fighter from the Afrin Liberation Front in Afrin, Syria [2019] 219 points, 111 comments) Request] Osprey gunner hit by incoming fire (12 points, 3 comments) 15139 points, 1 submission: u/pastorofmuppets95 German WWI veteran describes killing a French corporal during a bayonet charge and articulates his view on war as a whole (15139 points, 670 comments) 14949 points, 12 submissions: u/Adolf_Mandela_Junior Yemeni man carries his injured comrade under fire, makes it to cover. (4923 points, 504 comments) An Iraqi soldier carries a wounded civilian in the open before being wounded himself during the liberation of Mossul. (3445 points, 280 comments) Group of 18 years old Houthis rebels lands accurate mortar fire on a yemeni outpost and loot what's left behind. Jizan, september 2019. (2653 points, 355 comments) A VBIED explodes in the middle of an Iraqi convoy. (1367 points, 77 comments) Drone records exchange of gunfire and grenades in close combat in Saada, Yemen. (1021 points, 72 comments) Iraqi T-72 destroys a VBIED, 2018. (846 points, 50 comments) 15 Iranian militiamen killed in Aleppo military Academy by artillery fire, 2017. (210 points, 58 comments) Iraqi bulldozer takes a direct RPG hit, wounded driver is stuck inside, Fallujah, 2016. (182 points, 32 comments) FSA fighters under small arms and artillery fire in Idlib province. (148 points, 26 comments) Saudi soldier get shot during ambush by Houthis. (69 points, 15 comments) 11572 points, 3 submissions: u/darkopietaylor Marine under artillery fire in Korea, 1950 (6642 points, 189 comments) The crew of a US AC-47 plane fire 7. 62mm GE miniguns on a night mission, Vietnam 1966. (4632 points, 124 comments) NVA soldiers dash across open ground during operation Lam Son 719 in 1972 (298 points, 20 comments) 9617 points, 106 submissions: u/SupremeReader Pro-German French snipers open fire on General De Gaulle's victory parade in Paris (1944) 2674 points, 154 comments) Being pinned down by heavy gunfire and other chaotic scenes from the streets of Moscow during Russia's very short civil war (October 1993) 1555 points, 102 comments) Silent raw footage of a door gunner from an UH-1D of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company moving troops and wounded Vietnamese civilians during ground operations near Bien Hoa Air Base (26 May 1967) 1233 points, 55 comments) Raw footage of a failed attack by TIP Uyghurs in the area of Abu Dali in Northern Hama, ending with the 18-years-old cameraman being shot and killed (May 2018) 882 points, 189 comments) Very much less-known immediate follow-up of the Free Burma Rangers' rescue of the girl in Mosul as they save two men from the same massacre (2 June 2017) 198 points, 55 comments) Peshmerga destroy an Abrams tank of a pro-Iranian militia between Mosul and Erbil (18 October 2017) 148 points, 51 comments) Sparta member dodges a hail of gunfire in Miusynsk (August 2014) 101 points, 15 comments) Barely missed by a government sniper while crossing a street in the Old Aleppo (January 2013) 92 points, 22 comments) Yemeni Republican Guard's underground Scud depot exploding in Sana'a when bombed by the Saudi Royal Air Force - 17 different angles and cameras, often hit by a nuke-like shock wave (2015) 85 points, 35 comments) Since that old Free Burma Rangers video from Iraq is trending again, here's a recent one where one of them, Zau Seng, was killed during a rescue action in NE Syria (2 November 2019) 84 points, 91 comments) 7930 points, 4 submissions: u/luckybeefnoodle Missile POV upon impact. 2 targets hit. Iraq (3455 points, 206 comments) CRAM fires at incoming mortar rounds in Iraq. Unknown date (3128 points, 226 comments) Battle of Midway 1942 (1125 points, 54 comments) More C-RAM footage in Iraq (222 points, 28 comments) 7416 points, 2 submissions: u/BabaGurGur Syrian reporter saved by a dud bomb during an aerial attack (7378 points, 257 comments) Abu Hamza (Mullet) TOW Compilation (38 points, 8 comments) 6821 points, 10 submissions: u/lodu_singh Syrian Arab Army getting hit with an IED, from couple of months ago (4124 points, 328 comments) Extremely close call with a Russian airstrike & aftermath on Ghadaq (SE Idlib) Syria (1374 points, 63 comments) A Houti fighter evacuates his injured colleague under intense fire, Yemen (418 points, 67 comments) Close Combat Clip somewhere in Middle East (203 points, 37 comments) Hurras al-Din fighters raiding Syrian Soldier Camp in Northern Latakia, July 2019 (173 points, 46 comments) Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) killed and captured Turkish Soldiers/Non-Regular Militia outpost, 22-Oct (160 points, 24 comments) Afghan Army attacked by Taliban using IED. Taliban Mouthpiece Video (126 points, 35 comments) Liwa al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar sniping Syrian Soldiers using Bullpup PSL and Mosin with Night Vision & advanced Pulsar Optics having PIP(Picture- in-Picture) Syria (116 points, 37 comments) Houthi attacked and captured Saudi Coalation Armoured Convoy. Most of the Fighters and Vehicles captured. (79 points, 52 comments) Propaganda Video: Place and Date Unknown (48 points, 26 comments) 6247 points, 1 submission: u/Doofinshmirtz379 Indian Central Reserve Police Force fires Thermobaric shoulder mounted weapon towards Militants/Terrorists after he killed the hostage in Kashmir. (6247 points, 459 comments) 5918 points, 3 submissions: u/JaybeRF DNR sniper (3601 points, 371 comments) Saudi Apache downing, full version, November 2019 (2274 points, 601 comments) Video of shot down Saudi helicopter, Nov. 29 2019 (43 points, 6 comments) 5808 points, 7 submissions: u/BRuX- Color footage of American B-17 Flying Fortress bombers under attack by German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter aircraft, 1943 (4482 points, 376 comments) A German Kriegsberichter (war correspondent) follows a group of soldiers from Kampfgruppe Hansen, 1st SS Panzer Division, near an abandoned American jeep at Poteau, Belgium, 1944 (607 points, 40 comments) Dramatic footage of the final moments of British battleship HMS Barham, filmed by a cameraman from Pathé News. (175 points, 13 comments) Footage of the aftermath of the Japanese attack on US naval base Pearl Harbor. (147 points, 17 comments) A follow up to my last post of what the German cameraman had filmed that moment (clearly staged) 1944 [WWII] 145 points, 23 comments) Canadian newsreel on Operation Catechism, the destruction of Hitlers last big battleship Tirpitz near the Norwegian city of Tromsø, November 1944 (75 years ago) 142 points, 9 comments) Operation Oyster, a low level bombing raid made by the RAF upon the Philips Works at Eindhoven, a major producer of electronics equipment [this day in 1942] 110 points, 7 comments) 5038 points, 1 submission: u/AnEmuIguess Palestinian jihad rocket hits the road near Gan Yavne (5038 points, 434 comments) 4284 points, 2 submissions: u/justaman45 US soldiers in South Vietnam form up in the jungle and duck from a round flying overhead (4167 points, 183 comments) Rainy patrol for US soldiers in South Vietnam, From the television programme Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (117 points, 14 comments) 4215 points, 1 submission: u/EnzoGorlami42 Japanese ammunition ship blown up by a strafing US Navy aircraft in the Summer of 1944 (4215 points, 119 comments) 4120 points, 1 submission: u/Branzolt007 Saudi airstrike (4120 points, 183 comments) 4057 points, 1 submission: u/RoboCastro1959 Interview with DPR commander "Givi" while being shelled near Donetsk Airport, 05/10/2014. (4057 points, 439 comments) 3929 points, 1 submission: u/Woofers_MacBarkFloof Bike technical rides again in Tel Abyad (3929 points, 166 comments) 3922 points, 1 submission: u/hamablack The video of raiding baghdadi's compound (3922 points, 351 comments) 3904 points, 2 submissions: u/Thotholio Turkish backed SNA destroys YPG/SDF Humvee with ATGM (2106 points, 344 comments) Devastating SDF/YPG 9K111/9K113 ATGM strike on TFSA/TSK vehicle (1798 points, 253 comments) 3574 points, 1 submission: u/Ganteloupe Ukrainian soldiers smoke and laugh as artillery lands closer and closer. A shell eventually hits their position and they manage to remain calm and laugh it off. (3574 points, 174 comments) 3542 points, 4 submissions: u/Jonny_dr Peshmerga survives IED blast (Northern Iraq 2015) 3277 points, 253 comments) MLRS / Artillery impacts (Aleppo 2016) 106 points, 20 comments) Peshmerga advance through mined area, 3 dead, cameraman heavily wounded (Northern Iraq 2015) 87 points, 9 comments) Failed SAA attack (Aleppo Artillery School, 2016) 72 points, 34 comments) 3430 points, 1 submission: u/CaroKann_c6 Intense moments as Turkish Gendermerie makes contact with militants (3430 points, 355 comments) 3332 points, 1 submission: u/Toolissgod My favorite video from Bagram Afghanistan. IDF attack on September 10th, 2018. (3332 points, 267 comments) 3188 points, 1 submission: u/T-129 Iraqi F-16 bombs ISIS facility (3188 points, 97 comments) 2913 points, 2 submissions: u/MakeWMGreatAgain Entrenched Rebels vs overwhelming firepower (2713 points, 296 comments) Inghimasi attack on regime in Aleppo (200 points, 44 comments) 2602 points, 2 submissions: u/Trou_ba_dour 2012 Allepo's rebels get obliterated by SAA tank while defending the street. Situation is explained by the war reporter (1871 points, 195 comments) Documentary about The battle of Marawi in the Philippines in 2017 Phillippine army against ISIS (731 points, 38 comments) 2504 points, 1 submission: u/Elonmusk6667 Video of Houthi drone and missile attack on Aramco oil plant in Saudi Arabia. Source 60 minutes (2504 points, 415 comments) 2463 points, 1 submission: u/piperman_ May 2016: Peshmerga giving an Islamic State fighter medical care right after 20 of his friends got killed in a firefight. From the author of "Blood Makes The Grass Grow" Instagram account. (2463 points, 282 comments) 2443 points, 1 submission: u/EuphoricWrangler Interior of the North Taku Fort shortly after its capture by Royal Marines. Photo by Felice Beato. Second Opium War] 2443 points, 152 comments) 2368 points, 1 submission: u/iam_nobody Large explosion from an unknown device in Syria (2368 points, 108 comments) u/jacksmachiningreveng (6881 points, 223 comments) u/idiot_with_a_gun (5961 points, 438 comments) u/ducknigga (5247 points, 85 comments) u/SupremeReader (3911 points, 540 comments) u/MadRonnie97 (3653 points, 35 comments) u/JustShiel (3437 points, 1 comment) u/Combatmedic2-47 (3033 points, 101 comments) u/knowyourpast (2972 points, 64 comments) u/MR_JACK_DANIELS (2584 points, 102 comments) u/Andrique_ 2319 points, 3 comments) u/Taco_Bacon (2301 points, 1 comment) u/P-Hustle (2249 points, 14 comments) u/AcesForever (2199 points, 1 comment) u/JJRimmer (2162 points, 7 comments) u/Intern11 (2091 points, 21 comments) u/BobCobbsBoggleToggle (2074 points, 9 comments) u/Reddit-Blows-Dick (2044 points, 56 comments) u/colep03l (2041 points, 13 comments) u/Krahz (2023 points, 2 comments) u/roogoff (1986 points, 33 comments) u/bradsmgads (1889 points, 42 comments) u/zach84 (1834 points, 115 comments) u/Robbie122 (1771 points, 11 comments) u/Pavotine (1685 points, 93 comments) u/Jayesat4 (1678 points, 128 comments) u/Adolf_Mandela_Junior (1653 points, 53 comments) u/BKStephens (1589 points, 1 comment) u/Woodlore1991 (1564 points, 10 comments) u/DarthVantos (1517 points, 47 comments) u/bilobaman (1509 points, 12 comments) u/Doofinshmirtz379 (1506 points, 15 comments) u/Serancan (1502 points, 65 comments) u/ahmadalobaid (1498 points, 27 comments) u/No_Help_Accountant (1485 points, 15 comments) u/Wea_boo_Jones (1474 points, 27 comments) u/idk_idc_about_a_user (1473 points, 6 comments) u/wlkgalive (1452 points, 42 comments) u/torbotavecnous (1440 points, 40 comments) u/HaloIsSoFrigginCool (1423 points, 1 comment) u/miskas12 (1406 points, 2 comments) u/squables- 1372 points, 3 comments) u/dark-child (1326 points, 4 comments) u/blyat56 (1302 points, 55 comments) u/pastorofmuppets95 (1301 points, 1 comment) u/terrestiall (1283 points, 4 comments) u/knightofday87 (1279 points, 13 comments) u/A_Spicy_Speedboi (1268 points, 1 comment) u/SandKey (1264 points, 88 comments) u/RextheShepherd (1242 points, 1 comment) u/ya-boopay (1240 points, 14 comments) u/Boonaki (1230 points, 14 comments) u/S_mea_R (1198 points, 14 comments) u/66GT350Shelby (1194 points, 41 comments) u/scarypriest (1172 points, 6 comments) u/purrslikeawalrus (1162 points, 19 comments) u/JaybeRF (1161 points, 18 comments) u/denartes (1147 points, 32 comments) u/AnotherUna (1143 points, 13 comments) u/EdgiestFate (1140 points, 2 comments) u/SAMURAIXY (1135 points, 1 comment) u/vizitka_iarosha (1134 points, 15 comments) u/dinosaur_smegma (1133 points, 11 comments) u/Clickclickdoh (1122 points, 11 comments) u/shrimps_galore (1102 points, 12 comments) u/TypicalRecon (1099 points, 39 comments) u/Gr8rSherman8r (1080 points, 8 comments) u/ImpressMe1 (1055 points, 747 comments) u/finsareluminous (1046 points, 29 comments) u/Thenateo (1022 points, 10 comments) u/HCreat (1021 points, 1 comment) u/buddboy (1015 points, 29 comments) u/BeltfedOne (1003 points, 28 comments) u/Stevie_wonders88 (998 points, 24 comments) u/Fairazz (974 points, 4 comments) u/JamesSundy (973 points, 1 comment) u/NotesCollector (970 points, 22 comments) u/Jamesv1985 (963 points, 10 comments) u/HelpImOutside (953 points, 141 comments) u/Savvy-73 (947 points, 2 comments) u/Mr_Twinkie- 941 points, 36 comments) u/DPaignall (940 points, 4 comments) u/cfreezy72 (935 points, 1 comment) u/ExileZerik (929 points, 42 comments) u/TheMexicanJuan (925 points, 14 comments) u/everburningblue (919 points, 2 comments) u/sprucebruce89 (909 points, 36 comments) u/LeeHide (897 points, 3 comments) u/sticky_spiderweb (897 points, 3 comments) u/liedel (893 points, 14 comments) u/Yoda-McFly (893 points, 3 comments) u/tommyisaboss (891 points, 2 comments) u/G_man252 (884 points, 46 comments) u/RadicalMeowslim (876 points, 100 comments) u/ghosttrainhobo (869 points, 41 comments) u/FoxFort (866 points, 14 comments) u/chubachus (864 points, 8 comments) u/jburna_dnm (861 points, 45 comments) u/Radicalhit (843 points, 1 comment) u/Redmond91 (842 points, 43 comments) u/devontodetroit (841 points, 19 comments) German WWI veteran describes killing a French corporal during a bayonet charge and articulates his view on war as a whole by /u/pastorofmuppets95 (15139 points, 670 comments) Syrian rebels use a crude trebuchet to launch burning pitch towards government positions - Damascus 2013 by /u/knowyourpast (8940 points, 336 comments) F-16 show of force on suspected insurgents in Afghanistan by /u/twiyg01 (8146 points, 701 comments) Syrian reporter saved by a dud bomb during an aerial attack by /u/BabaGurGur (7378 points, 257 comments) Marine under artillery fire in Korea, 1950 by /u/darkopietaylor (6642 points, 189 comments) U. Apache pilot helps assault force accurately throw frags at hiding Taliban by /u/derzto (6460 points, 318 comments) Indian Central Reserve Police Force fires Thermobaric shoulder mounted weapon towards Militants/Terrorists after he killed the hostage in Kashmir. by /u/Doofinshmirtz379 (6247 points, 459 comments) U. Army Special Operations soldiers (likely Rangers) lobbing 120 mm mortar rounds on the Taliban (recent footage) by /u/derzto (5729 points, 434 comments) Al-Rahman anti-materiel rifle is ineffective by /u/infamoustajomaru (5578 points, 500 comments) Afghanistan] US Soldiers recover the body of Sgt. by /u/ducknigga (5532 points, 474 comments) 3437 points: u/JustShiel 's comment in Syrian rebels use a crude trebuchet to launch burning pitch towards government positions - Damascus 2013 2301 points: u/Taco_Bacon 's comment in Two Taliban fighters are shot in Kandahar, Afghanistan (2012) 2199 points: u/AcesForever 's comment in F-16 show of force on suspected insurgents in Afghanistan 2020 points: u/Krahz 's comment in Syrian reporter saved by a dud bomb during an aerial attack 1941 points: deleted 's comment in Perfectly aimed SPG-9 lob shot 1922 points: u/P-Hustle 's comment in [Iraq] US Marines in Ramadi use an Mk-19 grenade launcher to play arrow roulette. 1846 points: u/BobCobbsBoggleToggle 's comment in Syrian rebels use a crude trebuchet to launch burning pitch towards government positions - Damascus 2013 1841 points: u/Andrique_ s comment in Syrian Arab Army getting hit with an IED, from couple of months ago 1699 points: u/colep03l 's comment in Al-Rahman anti-materiel rifle is ineffective 1589 points: u/BKStephens 's comment in Indian Central Reserve Police Force fires Thermobaric shoulder mounted weapon towards Militants/Terrorists after he killed the hostage in Kashmir.

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Free Burma rangers. /r/Kurdistan is a forum where Kurds and their friends can discuss anything related to Kurdistan. Do you have a question about Kurdish history, language, politics, economy or ANYTHING else? This is the best place to ask your question. Amenities: Online Ticketing, Wheelchair Accessible, Listening Devices, Print at Home Select a movie time to buy tickets Amenities: Online Ticketing, Wheelchair Accessible, Listening Devices, Stadium Seating, Reserved Seating, Print at Home Online Ticketing, Wheelchair Accessible, Listening Devices, Stadium Seating, Print at Home Online Ticketing Online Ticketing, Wheelchair Accessible, Stadium Seating Online Ticketing, Wheelchair Accessible, Listening Devices, Reserved Seating, Print at Home Select a movie time to buy tickets.

Free burma rangers video.
Free burma rangers movie trailer.
I am not religious but I love to see people seem do good in the name of their prophet weather it be Jesus or Allah with out passing judgement on anyone else.
I am karen. 😙😙😙.
My heart is heavy even tho I dont know this man. The Rangers are doing good work over there but sometimes i think its not worth losing your life for it especially if you have a family. Take care Stay safe God Bless.

Free burma rangers hd. Free burma rangers 2018. • Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen level 1 Thanks for posting here. 👌 Always good to see. A lot of shooting from the door, angular clearing, initial room pieing. Split home designs like this can be anglecancer. The next room door is a corner-fed located on the known wall. A through-door ambush can occur on entry. level 2 Always tough winning a gunfight while youre in the sun and theyre in the dark. Beautiful use of real estate to work that door. If you have it, use it. A subreddit and community centered around Close Quarters Battle (CQB. Interested in room clearing, tactical entry, combat and firefights? We have it all here. Hosted by CQB-TEAM and Project Gecko. Members from a variety of backgrounds including CQB Subject Matter Experts. Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Free Burma ranger france. Although it's in the name, the Free Burma Ranger team's work isn't limited to the country Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. They seek to free the oppressed by offering help, hope, and love in multiple conflict areas. To find out what happened when FBR took their tactics to Mosul, catch this must-see film in a theater near you on February 24th and 25th ONLY! You can get your tickets at! It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Close.

Free burma rangers film.

Free burma rangers. Free burma rangers dave.


Thanks so much for doing this. I so happy! To see you guys helping our Karen people like this. We have hope come form you guys. Thank you! May god with you guys always. She is amezing. Free burma rangers combat. Free burma rangers book. Congratulations for all. Life is most important because people like you exist. Blessings. I thanks all you guys for helping my karen people. and I miss my village very much when I saw this movie. Respect to Ephraim Mattos and the Free Burma Rangers. God help.

Free burma rangers mission statement

Free Burma ranger. Lord Jesus give strength to FBR to be with the team and family I pray to shield and guard against enemies with his mighty Angels. Sena nemasumo ki jaan bachakar nek kaam kiya bhagwan aapki raksha kare. Thank God for his living Son Jesus who is above all powers. Jesus is the way the truth and light to reach the father (GOD) moha -mad, died and was buried in mecca. lol. JESUS ACCENDED IN TO HEAVEN.  HALLELUJA.  I don't worship a dead prophet and god. lol. that is why JESUS IS THE KING. LORD OF LORD AMEN. HE DID MIRACLES AND, HEALED THE SICK etc    moha-mad, didn't. do any thing to show, but to marry  a little girl. Koran 33;50. praise JESUS THE LIVING SON OF GOD. muslims don't like to here that. any religion, persons and institution against JESUS CHRIST, is called anti CHRIST.

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A true American Christian Hero. Free burma rangers trailer. Free burma rangers movie rating. Free burma rangers t-shirt. Free burma rangers syria. Free burma rangers dave eubank. Free burma rangers salary. Free burma.rangers. Level 1 Damn Mazlum got some CIA training in social media and language. His tweets are really clean and lacking the usual comments about fascist Erdogan, invading turks, occupiers etc etc. level 2 Very unlikely he's handling his twitter account himself I would assume. Someone from the SDF press team (possibly with western volunteers involved) is more likely I think. level 1 "He who saves one life, saves the world entire. This subreddit is dedicated to news, analysis and discussion on the conflicts in Syria and Iraq along with the regional and global ramifications. MARTIAL LAW IN EFFECT Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Free burma rangers 2020. Free burma rangers dave eubank fight. May God bless you as an Iraqi thank you with all my heart thank you.

Free burma rangers chiang mai

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