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Matthew Pope

7,4 / 10 Stars

stars Bethany Anne Lind

Reviews A woman's panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spins out of control when her conscience demands she return the dead man's body to his family

runtime 85 M



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Blood on Her names. Blood on her name vertical. Blood on her name trailer. Blood on her name movie 2019. I felt bad when she said What? Two days? Because her voice sounded so soft, and she was so confused. イケピーがOUTRAGEのTシャツ着てるからまさかOUTRAGEの前座? と思ってググってみたらやっぱり.そりゃ客層が客層だしこうなっちゃうよね´・`. Clouds need permission to rain on his lawn. Theres a trailer for the trailer at the start. Blood on her name yellow veil. Omg this is touchable 💔💔💔💔 this is same happened to my dad.

Blood on her name 2019 720p. Blood on her name imdb. Why have i seen this exact thing on those like “actually happened” channels.

Alright but can we now have a movie that reserves the roles. Like the girl is the kidnapper lol

So this is what Joe looked like to beck when she was locked up in the cage. Blood on her name full movie. Blood on her name rotten tomatoes. Blood on her name embargo. Cool. having watched 'Hasta La Vista' Come As You Are) from Belgium, I hope it's as good! I'm glad they used differently-abled actors too.

Blood on Her name generator. Come to america and we'll mosh the shit outta your guys' shows. Ame q la protagonista es Elizabeth lail de YOU ❤️. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. 100% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 11 Coming soon Release date: Audience Score Ratings: Not yet available Blood on Her Name Ratings & Reviews Explanation Blood on Her Name Photos Movie Info A woman's panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spirals out of control when her conscience demands she return the dead man's body to his family. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: Runtime: 83 minutes Studio: Yellow Veil Pictures Cast Critic Reviews for Blood on Her Name Audience Reviews for Blood on Her Name Blood on Her Name Quotes Movie & TV guides. Holy Crap. That guy who said you think this while thing is an act was Ben on Neighboursss.

Blood on her name trailer 2020. If you've watched pretty little liars, then this should give you serious nostalgia of the Dollhouse that A trapped the girls and Mona in. Blood on her name release date. I'm sorry, but the Lawrence brothers are still adorable! It's been years since Brotherly Love and they're still so cute.

What's the music. Blood on her name (2019. Blood on her name cast. There’s an entire sub-genre of slow-burn thrillers centered on everyday people forced by circumstance into a life and death world previously unknown to them. More specifically, the films are about a “good” person” who makes a choice — out of anger, greed, foolishness — that sets in motion a bloody chain of events requiring actions and reactions well beyond their wheelhouse. Two of the best in recent years are Blue Ruin (2013) and Bad Day for the Cut (2017), but in addition to being tales fueled by vengeance they’re also ones about men. Director/co-writer Matthew Pope ‘s feature debut, Blood On Her Name, goes counter to both as it focuses instead on a woman simply struggling to do right by her family, but as a tension-filled and devastating look at the inevitability of consequence it absolutely belongs in the same conversation. Leigh ( Bethany Anne Lind) stands over a dead body in the garage she owns. Blood pools from the dead man’s head, and while she comes close to calling the police, her fingers hesitate over the phone. Her teenage son Ryan ( Jared Ivers) sits afraid and shaken in another room, and with worries about him, painful memories about her own father ( Will Patton), and the fate of her already struggling business swirling in her head, she decides instead to dispose of the body. It’s a decision born from desperation, and it’s one complicated by her own morality — the dead man has a family of his own, and not wanting to leave them trapped in a purgatory of not knowing what happened to him, she instead returns the body to their shed for them to find. No good deed, as they say. Blood On Her Name wisely drops viewers right at the moment of emotional conflict — the dead man, and the choice that will haunt what follows. Leigh’s problems began far earlier, though, and the film slowly teases those origins out across its running time revealing her to be a character more informed by her past than defined by it. Some of her issues come as a package deal with being a woman and a daughter, but while they try to pull her backward it’s her ferocity and determination as a mother that keeps her fighting forward. Pope’s script (co-written by Don M. Thompson) accomplishes this dynamic best through conversations between friends, family, and strangers, but it stumbles slightly with a handful of flashbacks that struggle to fit the film’s otherwise starkly pragmatic tone. We’re grounded in Leigh’s reality, a world smeared equally in blood, tears, and grease, and lucid dreams/memories that see her alongside her younger self feel too far removed. They’re a minor distraction, though, as they’re both infrequent and overshadowed by the rich character interactions revealing far more effectively the weight of family and history. Leigh’s relationship with her father is especially telling as the source of much of her trouble, but the film wisely refuses to lay it all at his feet. It isn’t pointing fingers, and while Leigh is tempted to she’s instead compelled to accept her own role in this current predicament. As with 2008’s Frozen River, this isn’t a film about a female victim as it’s instead the story of a complex woman weighed down by choice and consequence. Decisions made by the men in her life have undoubtedly helped shape her, but it’s her own that carry the ultimate weight. Both the script and Pope’s direction avoid flashiness preferring instead to let tensions and anticipation simmer on their way to outbursts both verbal and violent. Dialogue is economical at times, and while the necessary details come through, the bulk of their power comes packed in exchanges between Leigh and her father. Lind and Patton both give achingly controlled performances here as a daughter and father marked as deeply by their shared trauma as by their individual sins, and while dialogue provides the details it’s their faces that tell the story. Patton’s no stranger to intense characters, and it’s once again a factor here as his attempt towards mending past transgressions only serves to ratchet things up further. Similarly, Lind plays Leigh as a woman brought her through forces beyond her control — but trapped here through actions of her own. The title is as applicable to her family name as it is to given one, and as she cycles through anger, resentment, guilt, and love, Lind’s portrayal reveals a woman hellbent on salvaging the scraps of her life and a future that she may not even be a part of. Guilt, PTSD, and a desperate desire to avoid a cycle of violence make for a powerful combination, and Lind makes her a woman worth caring about instead of one worth pitying. One quick note… Leigh’s choices throughout the film are the kind prone to critical scoffing — “that’s dumb, I’d never do that” — but as with the other films mentioned above they’re the kinds of choices made by real, average people in desperate situations well beyond their wheelhouse. It’s easy to point out “dumb” decisions on the screen from the comfort of our couch, but the only thing that matters is whether we believe these characters would make these choices under these conditions. Leigh’s situation is clear, her options are ugly, and she’s fueled by a single-minded goal. We believe her, and what follows is all the more tragic because of it. Blood On Her Name is a beautifully told tale of family, crime, and the price we sometimes pay for both. Elements here are shared with other, similar films featuring unprepared people in unfamiliar situations, but it stands as part of a very select grouping of movies that focus on a woman’s perspective. It’s ultimately a sad film, one infused with suspense and humanity, but that female perspective carries through to the very last line as an unexpected and haunting expression of guilt and concern.

Blood on Her name change. Blood on her name movie. Blood on Her name index. MOVIES 2:38 PM PDT 7/19/2019 by Courtesy of Fantasia A gritty tale of thwarted cover-ups and handed-down guilt. Matthew Pope's debut stars Bethany Anne Lind as a single mother with a fresh corpse to hide. Loosely related to dramas like Frozen River, in which the perils inherent to the working-class crime film are complicated by single motherhood, Matthew Pope's Blood on Her Name watches as a woman's attempt to rid herself of a dead body soon has her wishing she'd just called the cops on herself. A tense debut built around a compelling lead performance by Bethany Anne Lind, it benefits from a couple of graceful storytelling flourishes and a persuasive sense of character. Prospective distributors shouldn't take its Fantasia premiere as a sign that its audience is limited to genre die-hards. Leigh Tiller (Lind) runs a failing auto garage once owned by her now-incarcerated husband. Her widowed father Richard (Will Patton) is the town sheriff, but some rift between the two leaves Leigh fairly stranded in this isolated town; the closest thing she has to a friend may be Rey (Jimmy Gonzales), the only mechanic she's able to keep on payroll. But Rey's duties don't include dead-body disposal. The body is dead from the start. The movie will only explain how he got that way piecemeal over its running time, like a dishonest witness whose story can't hold up under cross-examination. What's clear immediately is that Leigh panics, and the first steps she takes to cover things up doom her to what follows — if only because her humanity keeps her from behaving as a killer would: She has the dead man in a boat and is ready to toss him into a lake when the phone in his pocket chimes with voicemail. Turns out he has a son who's worried that he didn't come home last night. Leigh can't let him and the boy's mother spend their lives wondering if the man just ran off. She risks a lot to leave the body where they will find it; then, far from the evidence, she realizes she may have left bread crumbs that will lead back to her. Lind navigates an emotional minefield as Leigh spends the next day or two trying to dig herself out of this jam. There's her concern for her son Ryan (Jared Ivers), a teenager who's already on probation and may be headed toward his dad's fate; her resentment for the father she's forced to leave Ryan with; and her need to keep Rey from deducing why she's suddenly so irritable and secretive around the garage. In his smaller role, Gonzales stands out as the story's most morally uncompromised character; Rey wants to help before he knows what the problem is, and the actor projects a concern complicated by the things Rey accidentally oversees. (In between attempts to fix the mess she's in, Leigh does some illicit self-medicating. ) If Pope and Don M. Thompson's script is a little coy about how the man in the garage got himself dead, the parallel mystery of what lingers between Leigh and her father unfolds more gracefully. Pope offers nicely staged flashbacks, some drug-induced, in which Leigh witnesses childhood trauma from multiple perspectives. Leigh's present-tense problems may all trace back to her trying to protect others — innocent bystanders, a dead man's loved ones, a son who may soon have two parents in prison. But when the film's title hints at an original sin responsible for all this grief, it's no misdirection. Venue: Fantasia Film Festival Production company: Rising Creek Cast: Bethany Anne Lind, Will Patton, Jimmy Gonzales, Jared Ivers, Jack Andrews, Elisabeth Rohm Director: Matthew Pope Screenwriters: Don M. Thompson, Matthew Pope Producers: Matthew Pope, Don M. Thompson Director of photography: Matthew Rogers Production designer: Russ Williamson Costume designer: Dana Konick Editor: M. R. Boxley Composers: Brooke Blair, Will Blair Casting directors: Sunday Boling, Meg Morman 83 minutes.

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Blood on her name watch. The casting agent should never be hired for another job ever again. God these actors and actresses are so annoying and irritating to watch that I cannot concentrate on the story. The cheeklines and the way of speaking by the lead puts me of so much I never ever want to watch this trailer, the movie or anything with her in ever again. Now I have to look up her name to avoid future confrontations. Blood on Her name name. Blood on Her name. Blood on Her name search. Blood on Her named. 2:33 BRUTAL! Awesome Song :D. Blood on her name trailer german. Blood on her name 2019 download. 昨日のライブ演奏旨すぎて爆上がり!. It looks like it might be good, but also looks like a long waste of time😁.

Wow an original concept! 👏👏👏

Why does she have a British accent. Blood on her name trailer deutsch. Loved it. Blood on Her namen mit. Haha awsome one of the guitar has NOFX on it. Blood on her name. Blood on her name deutsch. I haven't seen the Dollhouse plot in Pretty Little Liars, I haven't read the Wattpad story, Therefore, I would like to see this movie. Blood on Her namen. Directed by Matthew Pope Hosted by Director and Co-Screenwriter Matthew Pope and Co-Screenwriter and Producer Don Thompson Wed July 17, 2019 9:40 PM Fri July 19, 2019 4:15 PM Credits Writer Don Thompson, Matthew Pope Cast Bethany Anne Lind, Will Patton, Elisabeth Röhm, Jared Ivers Producer contact Yellow Veil Pictures USA 2019 83 mins OV English A body lies bleeding on the ground in front of small-town garage owner Leigh Tiller ( OZARK ’s Bethany Anne Lind). The killing wasn’t planned, it was an accident, borne of self-defense. In a panic, she decides to conceal the crime. Soon after, she’s struggling with regrets. Not to do with her attacker’s death, but about the fact that her actions have condemned his family to a tortured life of not knowing what happened to him, consumed with trying to make sense of a sudden disappearance that can’t be explained. Leigh’s screaming conscience will lead her to make a series of decisions that put her and her son in mortal danger as she tries to keep her guilt hidden from her cop father (Will Patton) and the widow of the deceased (Elisabeth Rohm). Will she find a way that she can live with herself? Will she live at all? A sad, soulful crime drama about choice, guilt and consequence, imbued with a creeping sense of damnation that will haunt you to your core, BLOOD ON HER NAME is a scorching feature debut for director and co-writer Matthew Pope. It’s an intimately powerful film, an engrossing neo-Noir with Southern Gothic roots that functions as slow-burn character study, centred around an extraordinary performance from Lind, who reveals herself to be one of the most remarkable actors working today. Through her character’s perspective, she and Pope deliver a compelling exploration of moral compromise steeped in a tone of defeated desperation that pulls us into its world without a single false move. This one will be staying with you long after the bruises fade. – Mitch Davis Showings 4:15 PM.

Blood on her name movie trailer. @lakku totally agree.

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